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Irisyihong01 about 14 hours ago

A3 Milk Tea

I love the milk tea with tiramisu rock salt cream/aka salted cheese! It is so creamy and good. I get it with 50% sugar and light ice, which is perfect for me. I crave this drink all of the time.

Ojas 2 days ago

A4 Boba Milk Tea

Very good, love the puff cream

Ant91214 3 days ago

E1 Mango Matcha

The mango matcha is a sweet and delicious drink that can't be found anywhere else. This drink is my absolute favorite and I've gotten one every time I go to happy lemon

Nicolejgj 4 days ago

E1 Mango Matcha

I LOVE this drink. It's my go to every time I come to Happy Lemon. I always get it with taro balls to make the perfect drink!

Seasgirl82 4 days ago

B6 Matcha Latte

I love it :-)

Kristine 5 days ago

A4 Boba Milk Tea

This is one of my go to's whenever I go to Happy Lemon! The puff cream makes the drink creamy and the milk tea tastes delicious. I usually get regular sweetness which tastes just right for me without tasting overly sweet. The boba also tastes soft and chewy. 10/10 would recommend! 😋

Arizza 5 days ago

Salted Cheese

I loooove Salted Cheese!! Happy Lemon is the OG of salted cheese drinks and every milk tea I go I'm try to find something close to it. However, Happy Lemon is the only one to do it just the way I like it. One of my favorite spots in San Diego!

Tinavo3011 6 days ago

A2 Boba Milk Tea

A classic that I always get at every new boba store I go to. If a boba place doesn't get this right, chances are the place isn't very good and let me just tell you, it was delicious! Definitely worth the buy and loved the design of the store!

Guest 7 days ago

B7 Chocolate

This is my absolute favorite flavor!

Grumpyunicorncat 9 days ago

I2 Oreo Bubble Waffle

I love happy Eastlake! The food is great and so is the staff. Great place for everyone:)

Stephanie 9 days ago

B3 Milk Tea

The milk tea here hits the spot when I'm craving boba. This is the best place to get salted cheese done right. I also love that I can adjust the sweetness and ice level to my preference.

Alyssa1290 10 days ago

E1 Mango Matcha

Im soo glad they open at Eastlake, 2 miles away from our place. I'm literally there 2 or 3x a week to get milk tea with salted cheese and Mango matcha with Mango boba and for my kids cookies n cream bubble waffles with puff cream it's the Everyone that works there is nice, the vibe is good, the music is good.

David 13 days ago

E3 Oreo Milk Shake

I loved it! The oreos were a perfect thing to add to this great milkshake and I will definitely be coming back!

Leeeangela 14 days ago

B1 Jasmine Green Tea

The foam taste amazing! First time coming to happy lemon and leaving out with a happy drink! The tea had a good amount of sweetness which is a huge factor to me.

Veronica 14 days ago

A7 Wintermelon

Add pudding!!!! Absolutely delicious

Princessnia1002 14 days ago

E1 Mango Matcha

Mango. Matcha. Is. The. One!!!! So delicious, so refreshing, and keeps me going throughout my day. The baristas are super friendly as well so not only is my drink a treat but it's also always a treat to come in.

Lilyrosey09 17 days ago

A2 Boba Milk Tea

It is super good, and sweet. The employees are really nice and especially fast. Come here to get soft tapioca pearls in your tea!

Etwaru 18 days ago

A2 Boba Milk Tea

I always get the boba milk when I go to any happy lemon. It's my favorite drink and I ask for 30% sweetness and it always comes out great! There's always the right amount of boba and the lil lemon guy is my favorite <3

Clam1993 20 days ago

B4 Strawberry Green Tea

Best drink out of all of them. This is the first place i ever tried cheese foam which i was skeptical about but now i love it. Can help myself. This is my go to drink.

Jmiclatthree 20 days ago

E1 Mango Matcha

its so yummy and refreshing, perfect for a hot day

Shawnadthompson79 2 days ago

I1 Original Bubble Waffle

This place should be on everyones favorite list for a unique korean take on waffl3s, which are amazing, you won't find a more scrumptious version of a waffle anywhere! And there milkshakes and teas are the best around! Happy Lemon-ing!

Mli1 3 days ago

E1 Mango Matcha

It's great! The mixture of mango and matcha, my favorite drink!

Bettaluv514 3 days ago

F5 Passion Fruit Green Tea

it was amazing, the customer service is def. one of a kind in a good way, the workers are very effcient and kind.

Reesa 4 days ago

E6 Avocado Smoothie

The best avocado smoothie! I crave this all the time! I also love the milk tea with salted cheese, such a classic! Service is always great and the place is always clean! So glad we have one here in Eastlake and close to my work in Kearny Mesa!

Ariannacorral27 4 days ago

A4 Boba Milk Tea

So this was my first time going to this place, and let me tell You! That it was everything you can imagine for boba lovers! The milk tea with cream puff was absolutely my favorite!! I recommend people to go to your shop! I don't live at SD but I tell people at my city to visit you guys! Love the boba! Can't wait to go again and post more about you guys!

Jobellebal 5 days ago

Salted Cheese

I always go to happy lemon everytime I want milktea because their milktea is delicious! My husband and I always order Milk tea with Salted Cheese! I like mine with 70% sugar less ice! Not too sweet, just perfect for me! Even when I am in Philippines, since I was in college Happy Lemon is my favorite!

Jennobana 6 days ago

A4 Boba Milk Tea

There something about their milk tea that taste so refreshing, yet simple. It doesn't taste artificial like some Boba places. One of my fave boba spots!

Corapusung 6 days ago

E1 Mango Matcha

Love it!!! Taste so refreshing! You also have to try the bubble waffle (amazing)!!!! They have a variety of drinks for everyone to enjoy:)

Meerwu98 9 days ago

B3 Milk Tea

The store is small but clean :) love the salted cheese here don't even rlly like salted cheese but this is the only boba place where I'd willingly get salted cheese

Grumpyunicorncat 9 days ago

E3 Oreo Milk Shake

I love happy lemon Eastlake! Delicious drinks at affordable prices. They have something for everyone, and their bubble waffles are great!

Aiyoko 9 days ago

E4 Strawberry Shortcake Smoothie

Such a fun and delicious drink.

Rawrstephie 10 days ago

B1 Jasmine Green Tea

My go to drink! mix of salty and sweet my fav

Mag237 14 days ago

A7 Wintermelon

This is by far my favorite drink from all the Boba places in Convoy, SD I always get it and only ever get this drink at Happy Lemon because its that good. I always get my Half ice and 75% sugar level with boba and its super yummy not too sweet but still has a little kick

Weiliu 14 days ago

A2 Boba Milk Tea

Very nice!

Veronica 14 days ago

A1 Classic Milk Tea

So delicious- especially if you add pudding

Oliviajeanyang 15 days ago

A2 Boba Milk Tea

I ordered the Boba Milk Tea but got this one drink with oreos in it. Either way it was still very good.

Tinaluu1996 17 days ago

C1 Freshly Squeezed Lemon Black Tea

Good drinks. One of the best out there in this industry right now.

Wlam 20 days ago

I3 Matcha Bubble Waffle

This bubble waffle is by far the best one i have ever tasted. I always get it everytime i come here. Its the inly place that serves the matcha one and its always crospy and warm to the bute. It pairs perfect with the strawberry green tea too!

Pamela 20 days ago

C7 Mango Lemonade

So good! If you have a sweet tooth, this is definitely for you. Refreshing and fruity.

Rohiniipaturi 21 days ago

I1 Original Bubble Waffle

The bubble waffle is so yummy and crunchy/crispy! It is worth it for sure!


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